CSC is North America's leading provider of risk and decision analysis services.

CSC is a partnership of experienced engineers, scientists, economists and computer analysts. We assist corporations and institutions in making quality decisions on major undertakings of all types. Our primary tool is the application of probabilistic risk analysis.

The staff members of CSC have extensive and unique project experience which allows the company to work on a wide variety of projects. A CSC specialty is assisting organizations in the identification, quantification and mitigation of project risks.


Stan Wilson P.Eng. PMP
Citizenship - Canadian
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Alberta, 1962

Stan Wilson is the founder and a Senior Partner for CSC Project Management Services, with over 40 years experience in the management of consulting engineering, heavy civil engineering, and pipeline construction at both project and corporate levels. This experience has allowed him to emerge as one of Canada's leaders in the application of Risk and Decision Analysis techniques for strategic planning.

Stan was vice president, Project Services, for the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline project and was responsible for all planning and control activities for this major energy transportation project. Prior to this Stan was a Regional Manager for Foundation Company of Canada, with involvement in major construction projects from Churchill Falls, Labrador to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dave Evans Ph.D. P.Geol.
Citizenship - Canadian and British
Ph.D. Science & Technology, Imperial College, London, 1972

Dave Evans is a Senior Partner for CSC. He has over 40 years domestic and international experience in mining, petroleum, pipelines and environmental practice. His expertise is in strategic management, risk analysis and management, regulatory and environmental management, with extensive arbitration and facilitation experience.

As a Senior Consultant with an engineering and environmental consulting firm, Dave has conducted environmental risk assessments on a number of projects ranging from flooding impact studies to operational risk evaluations to decommissioning of plants.

Chris Coulthard B.A.
Citizenship - Canadian
B.A. (Honours) Computing & Information Sciences, University of Guelph, 1986

Chris Coulthard is a Senior Partner with CSC. He has over 20 years experience in project planning and management in both Civil and Information Technology projects. His focus is in the application of risk analysis modeling techniques for large-scale capital projects and the implementation of project management, cost control and cost estimating systems in a corporate economic environment.

Before joining CSC, Chris was a project leader at Canadian Pacific Ltd. where he developed artificial intelligence applications.

Ian Henderson M.Sc. P.Eng. SPE
Citizenship - Canadian and British
M.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1972

Ian Henderson is a Senior Partner for CSC. He has over 35 years experience with a broad range of development, operations and strategic management in the oil and gas industry. His expertise is in petroleum management, with emphasis on bottom line improvements.

Prior to joining CSC, Ian was a senior advisor in the Resources department of Shell Canada Limited, focusing on new business developments. His career with Shell included petroleum management in the Middle East, management of heavy oil operations and development for the Peace River Oil Sands, and extensive technical work in petroleum engineering.

Bev Ostermann M.Sc. P.Eng.
Citizenship - Canadian
M.Sc. Construction Management, Stanford University, California, 1964

Bev Ostermann is a Senior Consultant for CSC. He has over 40 years of experience in the areas of cost estimating, cost and schedule control, project engineering, systems development in engineering disciplines, and senior corporate management functions. Bev has prepared numerous construction contract claims for heavy engineering and construction projects, acting for both owners and contractors, and also has extensive experience in Risk Analysis for project planning.

He previously held the position of Vice President Engineering for the Loram Group, a major Canadian contracting organization, specializing in heavy engineering, large diameter pipelines and railroad construction in support of major civil projects such as Churchill Falls, Duncan Lake Dam and others.

Phillip Jones
Citizenship - Canadian
B.A. Economics, University of Calgary, 1996

Phillip Jones is an Analyst for CSC. Phillip has a background in economics and has extensive experience with CSC developing Monte Carlo risk models for a variety of projects including oil and gas processing plants, pipelines and mining projects. Phillip has also been involved in developing detailed risk analyses on aspects including reservoir characterization, production profiles, capital and operating costs, and market share assessment and market development planning.

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