CSC's role is that of a facilitator, working with clients to help them find specific solutions that best fit the unique situations and cases studied. The knowledge and experience necessary to make good decisions exists within a client's organization. The CSC role is to provide the environment to harness that experience by assisting clients to work through a decision and analysis process.

A current trend on major capital projects is for increased involvement by the owner's staff in the project management function. This is particularly prevalent on projects that involve multi-company participation, a strong regulatory environment, or a third party financial interface. The use of a neutral third party that has the knowledge and experience to facilitate an analytical process is a key ingredient in a successful project plan or strategic decision analysis.

The quality of any strategic planning can be significantly enhanced using Risk and Decision Analysis techniques in a participative workshop environment. CSC staff have facilitated these strategic planning workshops in a number of organizations and added significant value on a variety of projects.