Papers and Publications

Quality Decisions Using Risk Analysis
This paper describes how the risk and decision analysis process is be used to improve the quality of project decisions.

A Risk Analysis Primer by Bevis Ostermann MSc.
This paper is a simple introduction to CSC's risk analysis process. It highlights the major outputs and how they should be interpreted.

Range Estimating Is Not Risk Analysis by Bevis Ostermann MSc.
This paper discusses the differences between Range Estimating and a comprehensive Risk Analysis. It highlights the benefits of conducting a full scale risk analysis.

Application of Risk Management to Project Start Up by Ian Henderson MSc, David Evans PhD, Chris Coulthard.
This paper presents a methodology for quantifying the risks associated with Project Start up for complex processing facilities. Projects have reached mechanical completion on time only to stagger through a long and costly ramp up, degrading project value.

Quantitative Risk Analysis for Mining Life Cycle Management by Chris Coulthard, David Evans PhD, Ian Henderson MSc.
Traditional planning and estimating sets out a logical step-by-step process which leads through scoping, detailed design, planning, resource lists and capital and operating cost estimates for mining projects. Conducting a quantitative risk analysis will improve decision-making at both the strategic and execution stages of a mining project and provide significant benefits to owner organizations, EPC’s and stakeholders.

This presentation outlines the uncertainties in the project life cycle of a generic mining project and demonstrates how quantification of uncertainties at appropriate milestones will provide for a defensible direction for better, more accountable project risk management planning.

Weyburn CO2 Miscible Flood Conceptual Design and Risk Assessment by W. Barnhart and C. Coulthard

This paper was originally presented at the 1996 Southern Saskatchewan CIM conference and was subsequently published in the 1999 Special Edition and reprinted in the September 2000 issue of the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology.

Quantitative Risk Analysis to Select a High Opportunity Exploration Jurisdiction by D. S. Evans, C. Coulthard and P. Jones.
This paper was originally presented at the Mining Millennium 2000 as part of the Country Risk Short Course in March 2000. The paper compares the risk assessment of a similar mining project in three different jurisdictions and demonstrates how a structured risk analysis can be used to optimize a corporate risk profile.

CSC Corporate Profile
An introduction to CSC Project Management Services; the company, the people, the process and relevant experience.

A Risk Analysis FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Risk Analysis Process.

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