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Strategic Decision Making

CSC helps clients evaluate key strategic decisions, which must be made in an environment of uncertainty. The use of the Risk & Decision Analysis process is a key ingredient in bringing structure and rigour to decision making. CSC, acting as an independent third party, minimizes in-house biases while incorporating the client’s collective knowledge and experience in the analysis. CSC also ensures that the level of detail is appropriate to the question at hand while using an approach that does not overlook or understate key risks or opportunities.

This process has been used successfully on a range of decisions from high level corporate strategic decisions to tactical project decisions.

Project Risk Analysis

Risk and Decision Analysis is used to assist project teams in assessing risk on their project. It identifies areas that have the highest potential impact on overall project value, including cost and schedule. This focuses the team on strategies that capture potential opportunities and mitigate the most significant risks.

CSC has found that such an approach brings a level of insight to projects that would otherwise not be apparent using more traditional methods. This allows for more effective proactive planning to reduce the impact of risks and maximize project value.. CSC also assists the project team to develop their ongoing risk management plan.

Project Management Education

CSC can provide in-house seminars on Risk & Decision Analysis to train personnel in the fundamentals of risk analysis and strategic decision making. There is a full range of educational opportunities from workshops on Risk Awareness to PMI based Project Management Training.

CSC’s workshops are developed to provide organizations with the opportunity to learn the background behind the Project Management and Project Control principles necessary to ensure successful application of Project Management procedures.

Project Management Assistance

CSC can provide clients with the benefit of its experience and expertise in project management and project auditing by offering a number of specific services, including:.

  • independent review or development of project cost & schedule estimates
  • independent review of the project management and control plan
  • on-going project controls assistance
  • on-going project performance review & audit
  • assistance with initial project budget and control plan preparation
  • lessons learned

For specific project applications CSC can provide this expertise through dedicated on-site assistance on a part-time basis to ensure project controls are established and maintained throughout the project life.

Value Engineering

CSC uses a facilitated process to systematically review the project basis and optimize the design to ensure that the developed project is "fit for purpose".

Facilitation Service

Conflict Resolution

Claims Analysis

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